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Dr. Lighvani is an excellent physician. the following words come to mind - intelligent; knowledgeable; thorough; compassionate; caring. Although his specialty is allergy, he is perhaps one of the best physicians I have met regardless of specialty.


Morh, S.

"I used to have severe allergies to the point where my day to day life was unbearable. Thanks to Dr. Lighvani, my allergies are virtually "cured." I no longer experience the sneezing, wheezing, unable-to-breathe symptoms that for so long plagued me. Additionally, I've never met a doctor with such friendly bedside manner and a staff that is so courteous, helpful and genuinely kind. I highly recommend Dr. Lighvani- if you have allergies and want to improve your health, don't walk- run to go see him!"


Simply the best!
by jamiebrooke06 at Citysearch

Dr. Lighvani, Patty and Karen are the BEST! I love these people!

I found Dr. Lighvani because my son was having allergy issues and Dr. Lighvani made him (and me) feel comfortable during the office visits. He really treated his allergies and things improved pretty quick. He's great with kids and he's funny. I realized maybe I should have him check me out too since I had been sick every visit myself.

Dr. Lighvani has really helped me to diagnose and treat my allergy problem. His caring, thorough, and attentive manner really makes you feel like you are in professional hands, which you are.

He runs his office professionally from top to bottom. Educating his PA's with tidbits of information and having smart and caring people at the front desk. Karen is on it!! Even sitting in his waiting room, his patients discuss how thorough and helpful he has been. Many of us have been to 2-3 drs. for various other issues before seeing Dr. Lighvani.

I am in the process of taking allergy shots and they are beginning to help. Patty is very knowledgeable re: allergy meds and a pleasure to see on a weekly basis, that's a BIG compliment since she sticks you with needles every visit. Dr. Lighvani has a very busy office and things seem to run very smoothly over there. They work hard to make that happen.

I am very grateful for Dr. Lighvani, his staff and especially Patty and Karen. In addition, these 3 always have warm genuine and beautiful smiles on their face.

Who wouldn't want to see that? We need more caring professionals like you Dr, Lighvani and staff!!!!

Thank you so much for helping me and my son and for making our visits a very pleasant experience!



That wonderful review by the person with Blue Cross says it for me. The staff was more then just pleasant, they took time to explain everything....they are totally tuned in to each patient and after every test the doctor came to explain the reasons for it and outcomes...he came back three time (could have been four)



Dr. Lighvani is very confidence-inspiring: knowledgeable, intuitive and a nice person besides. His staff is excellent also. I am glad I was referred to him.


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